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Medical Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer

Product Name: VM-101


Medical Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer 0


 ltem  Parameter
 MMAD  4.1μm±25%
 ≤5μm particle proportion  ≥50%
 Nebulization rate  ≥0.2mL/min
 Residual liquid  ≤0.2mL
 Cup capacity  8mL±10%
 Equivalent noise  ≤50dB
 Battery life  ≥2h
 Battery capacity  1200mAh
 Controller size  92mmx43.5mmx22mm



Functions and Advantages

①"Two-Valve Aerosol Chamber" patent, high delivery volume,high lung deposition rate

② Awl type and tilted cup design, almost zero residue of liquid medicine

③ Installation is quick and simple

④ Quiet no disturbance,low noise operation

⑤ Three nebulizing duration modes:30min/1h/6h


 *Nebulized salbutamol delivery total up to 70% or more nebulized budesonide delivery total up to 50% or more