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Our Technology

Core Technology


Two-Valve Aerosol Chamber (TVAC)

Using the technology of "Two-Valve Aerosol Chamber", the aerosol is sealed inside the breathing circuit to minimize aerosol dissipation and improve TDD.


Lock & Key

Drug-Device Combination 


Patient oriented approach-Yirdoc provides solutions that take into account patient's breathing pattern and drug characteristics eg.concentration,Viscosity,etc to achieve targeted delivery and shorter treatment duration. 












Digital System  


Adaptive Clinical Experimental Platform for Inhaled Drugs


● Timely medication use - Nebulizer medication compliance

● Proper medication dose control - Nebulizer dose/duration control

● Correct medication administration - with guidance and feedback on proper inhalation technique

● Safe medication use - with feedback on any adverse effects

● Effective drug use - real-time feedback on treatment efficacy

● Home Medication - Home medication management and monitoring