Shenzhen Airport Holds Large Scale Emergency Rescue Comprehensive Exercise

April 24, 2023

On April 23rd, during a drill held at Shenzhen Airport, the aircraft simulated a mechanical failure that caused the right engine to catch fire, and firefighters put out the fire.
On that day, the "Guarding 2023" Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport Emergency Rescue Comprehensive Exercise was held in Shenzhen. The content of this exercise is set up in accordance with the "Guidelines for Cross departmental Joint Practical Emergency Exercise of Civil Aviation" issued by the Civil Aviation Administration, including the reception and disposal of aviation security threat information, disposal of suspected explosives in the air and rapid response of ground rescue forces, response upgrading and establishment of emergency rescue command system, cross departmental joint response, maritime emergency assembly, external force reinforcement, aircraft search and disposal of suspected explosives, incident investigation More than 300 people from 13 units participated in 18 courses such as aircraft relocation.