How to obtain a sense of security in emotions?

April 24, 2023

Some people say that a sense of security is something they give themselves. In fact, love that cannot meet the expected response can make us feel like we are alone in fighting. The sense of security in emotions is established step by step in the interaction of relationships.
A sense of security is established in our early growth experiences through healthy interactions with those around us. In my opinion, there is a complete hierarchical pattern of emotional security.
1. Be able to pay timely attention to our various sensitive needs.
It's like when we are in love, we all want our partner to respond to our phone calls and text messages in a timely manner. If we exceed the maximum time frame set by our hearts, we will feel insecure.
2. Unconditional acceptance of our attitude towards our needs.
Acceptance is actually only about the other party's position and attitude. Let us know that no matter when, the other party will always be there and will not make us feel abandoned. Or even if the other party leaves, it won't damage my recognition of myself, so not afraid of losing is the best acceptance.
3. Understand how to meet our needs appropriately and reasonably.
One of the most prominent characteristics of a girl in love is "acting". As the saying goes, 'A little work brings joy, but a great work harms the body.'. If your partner still wants to constantly revolve around you during work, it's too much, causing both physical and mental exhaustion. In this situation, as the other half, it is important to understand how to establish a framework and clearly reject unreasonable demands like this.